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Off schedule exhibition OBSESSION @MoBA

The sociologist Herman Boeije collected women's underwear and everything that went with it. Corsets, torselets, bustiers, camisoles, brassieres, hipbands, panty bottoms and also busts for presentation, manikins, advertising material, documentation and even complete shop interiors. In addition he collected many pieces of historical swimwear (like Tweka from the 20ties), for both ladies and gentlemen.

We were asked to come up with an idea for an exhibition for the Historische Kelders Arnhem ("Historical Cellars Arnhem"), who wanted to build a bridge between history and the MoBA 13 theme "Fetish".

We decided to ask the widow of Herman Boeije if we could use the complete Boeije-collection. Although she thought it could never be done, we had only 3 weeks to the opening, she agreed to our very ambitious plan.

We were espespially intrigued by the vast amount and diversity of the collected items. In the Historische Kelders in Arnhem we re-arranged the whole collection and selected everything by product type or color. This resulted in chambers with hundreds of bras, twenty square meters of books, a hall full of pink corsets and so forth.

CLIENT: See U    LOCATION: Historische Kelders Arnhem   SCOPE: curation, concept, design, production

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